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21. Good scientific practice – Protecting research integrity  
Professional Development Lecture  
22. RNA-DNA hybrids  
24. New publication from associated SFB member Hans-Peter Wollscheid on how nuclear myosin VI maintains replication fork stability  
New publication in Nature Communications from associated SFB member Hans-Peter Wollscheid together with the Ulrich lab, Beli lab, and Plückthun lab showing that actin-based motor myosin VI…  
26. New publication from the Butter lab on DNA damage repair proteins across the tree of life  
The Butter lab in cooperation with the Luke lab used quantitative mass spectrometry to explore DNA damage binders across 11 different species, leading to unique insights into the crosstalk and…  
27. Öffentlicher Vortrag von Nina Ruge: Verjüngung ist möglich. Die neuesten Erkenntnisse der Zellbiologie - 27 Juni, 18:00 h  
Nina Ruge / Prof. Dr. Dorothee Dormann (IMB/Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz) / Prof. Dr. Peter Baumann (IMB/Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz) / Clemens Hoch (Minister für Wissenschaft und…  
29. Dynamics and functions of DNA repair compartments  
SFB 1551 & SFB 1361 Joint Seminar  
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