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3. Associated Members  
SFB 1361 Associated Members Group Leaders working on SFB 1361 related topics may apply for associated membership. Currently the SFB 1361 has 11 associated members.  
4. SFB 1361 Retreat at Nürnberg  
SFB 1361 retreat at Nürnberg The SFB 1361 will have its first retreat for the 2nd funding period in Nürnberg . The retreat programme is filled with workshops and talks by our SFB researchers and…  
5. Coming Soon  
Thank you for your interest in our seminars! Further information will soon be provided! General info on our SFB 1361 Seminars: Day & Time: Thursdays at 12:00 CEST Venue: IMB’s Seminar…  
6. Chromatin and chromosome dynamics at DNA Double Strand Breaks  
SFB 1361 Seminar & 4G-RTG Joint Seminar  
7. New publication from the Stingele lab on how RNF14-dependent atypical ubiquitylation promotes translation-coupled resolution of RNA-protein crosslinks  
Zhao S, Cordes J, Caban KM, Götz MJ, Mackens-Kiani T, Veltri AJ, Sinha NK, Weickert P, Kaya S, Hewitt G, Nedialkova DD, Fröhlich T, Beckmann R, Buskirk AR, Green R and Stingele J (2023)…  
8. New publication from the Ulrich lab on the Ubiquiton— An inducible, linkage-specific polyubiquitylation tool  
Renz C, Asimaki E, Meister C, Albanèse V, Petriukov K, Krapoth NC, Wegmann S, Wollscheid H-P, Wong RP, Fulzele A, Chen J-X, Léon S and Ulrich HD (2023) Ubiquiton—An inducible, linkage-specific…  
9. The tension between diversity and generalizability is what makes biology so cool  
SFB 1361 Christmas Colloquium (Jointly organised with SFB 1551, GenEvo & 4R)  
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