Project 2 - Thomas Carell

Formation and analysis of DNA-protein crosslinks

Project 5 - Markus Christmann

Genome-wide analysis of DNA damage and impact of SCARS during maintenance of genotoxic…

Project 6 - Cristina Cardoso

Dissecting the response of replisomes to genotoxic stress

Project 7 - Helle Ulrich

Genome-wide analysis of DNA damage, repair and replication stress

Project 8 - Ivan Dikic

Role of SPRTN in resolution of DNA protein crosslinks and replication stress

Project 9 - Brian Luke

The analysis of DNA repair at sites of single ribonucleotide insertions

Project 11 - Oliver Krämer

Analysis of the PP2A-PR130 complex as novel regulator of cell fate and DNA repair pathway choice…

Project 12 - Petra Beli

Mechanisms opposing genomic instability arising from dysregulated G4s and R-loops

Project 13 - Vassilis Roukos & Kathi Zarnack

Sources and consequences of intrinsic genomic instability across human cell types

Project 15 - Markus Löbrich

Roles of helicases and recombinases in homologous recombination pathway choice

Project 17 - Peter Baumann & Brian Luke

Functions of RNA in double-strand break repair and DNA end protection

Project 18 - Karl-Peter Hopfner

Structural mechanism of MRN-ATM in DSB signaling and processing

Project 19 - Thomas Hofmann

Deconstructing the role of HIPK2 in DNA repair and genome stability

Project 20 - Christof Niehrs

Mechanism and biological function of mammalian DNA Poly-ADP-ribosylation

Project 21 - Julian Stingele

Global-genome repair of DNA-protein crosslinks: lesion detection and pathway choice

Project 22 - Joan Barau

Transposon-induced DNA damage in development and disease

Project 23 - Katja Luck & Sandra Schick

Systematic investigation of the role of chromatin remodelling complexes in genome stability

Completed Projects 2019-2022

Projects completed in first funding period