DNA Repair & Genome Stability

In the summer semester 2023, the SFB 1361 will host the Lecture Series "DNA Repair & Genome Stability" again. We have added some new topics, so some lectures might also be interesting to those who already attended the lecture series in the past years. Please find the full schedule below or on the poster.

Lectures will be given by representatives from the SFB 1361. They will take place at Biozentrum 2, seminar room 9 (03.721), during the summer semester on Tuesdays, 9:00-10:30 am.

Lectures are open to scientists and students affiliated with the participating institutions. If you are a JGU Master’s student and wish to receive credits points for attending this lecture series, please register via JOGU-StINe.

For further information, please feel free to contact us.



18.04.2023DNA repair & genome maintenance – an overview / Genome maintenance during DNA replicationProf. Helle UlrichClick here
25.04.2023DNA damage signalingProf. Thomas HofmannClick here
02.05.2023Machine learning models - implications for genome stability / Principles of genome replication in eukaryotesDr Kathi Zarnack / Dr Maximilian ReuterClick here
09.05.2023Protein modularity & its implications in molecular biology research / Genome regulation by ATP-dependent chromatin remodelersDr Katja Luck / Dr Sandra SchickClick here
16.05.2023Regulation of DNA damage response by posttranslational modificationsProf. Petra BeliClick here
23.05.2023DNA damage by genotoxic & carcinogenic substances Prof. Markus ChristmannClick here
30.05.2023Capping the ends of chromosomesProf. Peter BaumannClick here
06.06.2023Crosstalk of inflammation, epigenetics & the DNA damage response in health & disease / Aging-related genomic instabilityDr Daniela Kramer / Dr Nard KubbenClick here
13.06.2023DNA double strand break repair pathways & biogenesis of chromosome translocationsDr Vassilis RoukosClick here
20.06.2023Active DNA demethylation by DNA repair mechanismsDr Lars SchomacherClick here
27.06.2023Role of the cytoskeleton in genome stability / Transposable elements and genome instabilityDr Hans-Peter Wollscheid / Dr Joan BarauClick here
04.07.2023RNA-DNA hybridsProf. Brian LukeClick here