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61. Programme  
Programme Tuesday, 20 September 2022 12:00 Registration 13:00 Welcome Address Keynote Lecture: Karlene Cimprich (Stanford University, US) Session 1: Keeping RNA in check Natalia Gromak…  
62. Speakers & Organisers  
Keynote Speakers Karlene Cimprich (Stanford University, US) John Diffley (The Francis Crick Insitute, London, UK) Confirmed Speakers Dana Branzei (IFOM, Milan, IT) Cynthia Burrows…  
64. New publication from the Luke lab on the repair of lesions caused by single genomic ribonucleotides in S phase  
Single ribonucleoside monophosphates (rNMPs) are transiently present in eukaryotic genomes. The RNase H2-dependent ribonucleotide excision repair (RER) pathway ensures error-free rNMP removal. In…  
68. Prof. Dr Eva Wolf  
Prof. Dr Eva Wolf Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz & Institute of Molecular Biology (IMB) Ackermannweg 4 55128 Mainz +49-(0)6131-21701 Email Webpage Wolf lab  
69. Dr Hans-Peter Wollscheid  
Dr Hans-Peter Wollscheid Institute of Molecular Biology (IMB) Ackermannweg 4 55128 Mainz +49-(0)6131-3921495 Email  
70. Dr Wynand Roos  
Dr Wynand Roos University Medical Center Mainz Institute of Toxicology Obere Zahlbacher Strasse 67 55131 Mainz +49-(0)6131-179357 Email   Webpage Institute of Toxicology  
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