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11. New associated member of the SFB 1361 from TU Darmstadt  
We are happy to welcome Patrick Heun from TU Darmstadt as an associated member of the SFB 1361. His work focuses on understanding how centromeres are organised, established and maintained during the…  
12. SFB 1361 PI Julian Stingele awarded 2023 ERC Consolidator Grant  
We are happy to share the news that our SFB 1361 PI, Julian Stingele, from the Gene Center Munich of Ludwigs-Maximilians-Universität München, has been awarded a 2023 ERC Consolidator grant in his new…  
14. Prof. Dr Patrick Heun  
Prof. Dr Patrick Heun Department of Biology/Molecular Genetics Technical University of Darmstadt Schnittspahnstr. 10 (B2|03 Biologie) 64287 Darmstadt +49 6151 16-24642 Email Webpage Heun Lab  
15. Afternoon event with presentations by SFB 1361 scientists  
SFB 1361 Colloquium at TU Darmstadt  
16. New publication from the Beli Lab on a new stress response pathway for repairing RNA-Protein crosslinks caused by toxic aldehydes  
Suryo Rahmanto, A., Blum, C. J., Scalera, C., Heidelberger, J. B., Mesitov, M., Horn-Ghetko, D., Gräf, J. F., Mikicic, I., Hobrecht, R., Orekhova, A., Ostermaier, M., Ebersberger, S., Möckel, M. M.,…  
17. Chromosome breaks, chromatin and cancer  
SFB 1361 Seminar  
19. New Publication from the Krämer Lab on how histone deacetylase inhibitors modulate hormesis in leukemic cells with mutant FMS-like tyrosine kinase-3  
Zeyn Y, Hausmann K, Halilovic M, Beyer M, Ibrahim HS, Brenner W, Mahboobi S, Bros M, Sippl W and Krämer OH (2023) Histone deacetylase inhibitors modulate hormesis in leukemic cells with mutant…  
20. 6th German-French DNA Repair Meeting  
6th German-French DNA Repair Meeting Please register here by 2 August 2023! Dear Colleagues, We are happy to announce the 6th German-French DNA Repair Meeting, which will take place at…  
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